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We stand out through our tailored approach towards each client engagement by combining an in-depth business understanding with digital trends to achieve desired results.

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Digital Marketing Strategy Consulting

In order for digital marketing initiatives to be conducted in alignment with business objectives and short, medium and long-term goals, a digital strategy needs to be established prior to implementation. 

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Social Media Management is a vital part of the digital marketing aspect for all businesses since it creates fantastic marketing opportunities for positioning, establishing trust with your audience and interacting with them amongst dozens of other strategic objectives.

Social Media Management
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Influencers play a huge role in business development since it can provide a “leap-frog” process to leverage trust with an already established audience. Finding the right influencers can skyrocket sales for a short period of time depending on the agreement established and the success of the product presentation.

Influencer Research
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All social media platforms have integrated paid advertising which businesses can use to extend awareness, bring in new leads and increase sales.

Each social media platform has specific benefits and ads have to be structured and implemented in accordance with the audience on each platform. 

Social Media Platform Ads
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Google Pay Per Click

Similar to social media advertising, Google PPC directly targets the audience which is actively searching for the specific product/service which your organization provides or similar ones.


Branding defines your customers’ perception of your business while reaffirming credibility and trust to influence loyalty and ultimately, advocacy. Going beyond clearly stated deliverables (such as a logo) the underlying purpose of branding is to illustrate a definitive message around what your business stands for and why customers should choose you instead of competitors.

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User Experience and User Interaction (UX/UI)

With dozens of choices and alternatives for products or services across the internet, assuring your target audience’s attention and facilitating their experience on your website ensures higher conversion rates. The customer journey from their first interaction with a brand to the purchase decision is paved with digital touchpoints which UX/UI helps optimise and facilitate.

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The website development process can be shaped in accordance with digital strategy to provide the most value from a ROI perspective.

Website Development
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Watching businesses grow through our digital marketing efforts is an awesome feeling. After all, we’re achieving our dreams by helping others achieve theirs and that’s the best kind of mix.

At LazyLeaf, lightsaber transparency combined with a jedi work ethic lay the foundation grounds for all our creative endeavors. Come try us and you’ll find that we are indeed…the droids you’re looking for – hehe!